Course Syllabi Requirements

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 UNT is committed to informing students of specific educational requirements and expectations for the courses in which they are enrolled through the development and delivery of a syllabus. Consistent with Policy 06.035, Academic Freedom and Academic Responsibility, UNT instructional faculty ensure that the content of their course syllabus contains the provisions necessary to be consistent with applicable state law and this course syllabus requirement policy. Faculty also have the academic responsibility of distributing their course’s syllabus to their students and to that course’s unit administrator prior to the administrative deadline(s), and to giving reasonable notice to students when changes are made to a course syllabus. Instructional faculty are expected to prepare a course syllabus for all credit bearing courses.

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Policy owner: VP for Academic Affairs
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Terri Day
Vice Provost for Academic Administration
Division of Academic Affairs
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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

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New Policy
Created to ensure standardization of essential components of a UNT course syllabus.