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Welcome to the official repository of policies for the University of North Texas (UNT). We collaborate with policy owners and contacts to develop, oversee, and maintain the University’s policies. Please familiarize yourself with the policies. The contacts identified on the policy description page are the first point-of-contact for any questions you may have. For questions about the policy development and approval process, please contact the UPO at 940.565.2335 or policy@unt.edu.

UNT reserves the right to make changes to policies at any time to bring them up-to-date. Information provided in them is subject to change without notice and they do not constitute a contract, express or implied, between UNT or UNT System and any party.

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Policy Updates

February 27, 2023
Employment of Veterans

Revised to be in alignment with the System model policy. Revisions include addition of: Space Force, full-time duty commissioned officers of NOAA, definitions for "employment preference" and "veteran," priority order for veterans preference, hiring goals, and interview requirements for state agencies.

February 21, 2023
Workplace Religious Accommodations

New Policy

February 21, 2023
Food Service and Safety

This policy has been updated to comply with Texas Education Code § 51.945 - "Student Participation in Selection of Food Service Contracts". Students must have a reasonable opportunity to appear before any committee or other entity that is determining whether a food service provider should be selected or retained by UNT.