Student Academic Integrity

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UNT promotes the integrity of learning processed and embraces the core values of trust and honesty.  Academic integrity is based on educational principles and procedures that protect the rights of all participants in the educational process and validate the legitimacy of degrees awarded by the university.  In the investigation and resolution of allegations of student academic dishonesty, the university‚Äôs actions are intended to be corrective, educationally sound, fundamentally fair, and based on reliable evidence. 

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Policy owner: VP for Academic Affairs
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Terri Day
Vice Provost for Academic Administration
Division of Academic Affairs
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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

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Revised to bring the policy in compliance with the 6 year review cycle, and to align with the policy content with the current policy template standards. The revisions include clarification of instructor and AIO responsibilities; addition of section on students, who do not have a current relationship with the university, being subjects to the disciplinary process for conduct that occurred while they had relationship with the university; addition of degree revocation; and clarification of the duration of each stage of the disciplinary process. Effective 03/07/2017.
New Policy
This policy outlines how faculty are to handle incidents of academic misconduct. The policy, as it is written, is intended to be temporary and is to be revised by the Faculty Senate Executive Committee within one year of the effective date. Effective 9/2/2009.