PolicyTech Guides

The first two guides contain detailed instructions on how to carry out essential tasks in PolicyTech, depending on your role.  The Writer's Guide is intended for policy contacts, policy owners, and other stakeholders who collaboratively edit the initial draft of a policy before it enters the review phases of the Policy Process.  The Reviewer's Guide is intended for members of the Policy Advisory Group, the Office of General Counsel, policy owners, and the Office of the President, who need to review and potentially revise policies before they are published.

The third guide, the Stakeholder Communication Guide, was created to assist policy owners and contacts in communicating specifics of their policy updates to stakeholders and stakeholder groups within the University's community.

In addition to each guide provided above, the University Policy Office is available to support you in your use of PolicyTech and throughout the policy process lifecycle.  Should you have any question or concern, please contact us at policy@unt.edu or +1 (940) 565-2335 and we will do everything we can to assist you.