Policy Updates

February 01, 2022

04.003 Honorary Degree Awards
This policy has been updated to improve the clarity of language, to change the vetting process by the chair of the committee, change a title of the approving party for an undergraduate student committee member, and modify the committee structure.

January 18, 2022

04.022 Printing Services and Copy Centers
Reviewed and revised to include a provision reserving right of PDS director to use outside printing services.

January 10, 2022

10.003 Financial Reporting
Policy reviewed and one link added as a resource for Records information, and some minor language removed because it is no longer accurate or necessary.

January 03, 2022

05.041 Employee Awards, Gifts and Prizes
This policy has been reviewed and revised to reflect university provisions and required approvals for employee gifts, awards, and prizes. All employee gifts, awards, and prizes must be in compliance with state and federal regulations including federal tax purpose treatment and de-minimis items within the Internal Revenue Service threshold as reflected in policy.

December 22, 2021

06.025 Faculty Misconduct and Discipline
Policy revised to provide a sequence of events at each level of review, starting with departmental review. The new version acknowledges that some misconduct allegations, such as those related to research misconduct, sexual harassment, and discrimination, are adjudicated under the auspices of a different policy and/or process. That was always the case, but the Policy Oversight Committee wanted to provide more transparency. As unit administrators, deans, and the provost review misconduct allegations/findings, they may receive additional information from the faculty member, unit administrator, and other knowledgeable parties. The new version notes that new information must be shared with the faculty member and other decision-makers. Also, the deadline for faculty members to respond to allegations/findings of misconduct has increased from 10 to 30 days.
06.001 Evaluating, Awarding, and Accepting Credit
Updated title and first heading, corrected policy contact job title, and fixed minor accessibility issues in document.
13.001 Animal Care and Use
This policy has been revised to include formatting changes, clarification of researcher responsibilities, updated contact information, and information regarding audio and/or visual recordings of research animals.
06.040 Grade Appeals
Under the previous version, there were two grounds for an appeal. With the goal of creating greater clarity, the Senate established three grounds for an appeal. The previous version acknowledged a separate process for handling appeals based on discrimination or harassment. The new version specifies that students must report appeals of this nature to the Office of Equal Opportunity. Under the previous version of the policy, the unit administrator’s decision could only be appealed to the dean on procedural grounds. Under the new version, faculty and students may appeal to the dean on procedural and/or substantive grounds. Appeals to the dean may “extend the time limit on resolution of the grade appeal by no more than three weeks.” Previous language allowing for longer extensions in “extraordinary circumstances” has been deleted. More details on changes can be obtained from the Policy Director of Academic Affairs.
06.030 Review and Approval of Online Courses and Programs
Policy reviewed and revised.


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