Policy updates

June 14, 2019

10.034 Emergency Student Loan Program
The policy was updated to reflect current titles, department names, and Emergency Student Loan Program operating practices.

May 21, 2019

06.002 Academic Appointments and Titles
New Policy
The title definitions were deleted from the policy to provide Faculty Affairs the ability to add, delete, or revise titles as necessary.
10.029 Refunds
Revised to reflect current practice. Language updated including removed reference to "May Minimester" as the University has added 3-week sessions outside of May.

May 14, 2019

10.013 Moving
Policy was deleted and replaced by procedures held in Human Resources.

May 09, 2019

07.020 Student Services Fee Committee
Policy was revised to decrease the semester credit hour limit for some graduate students who have completed coursework and qualifying exams.

May 01, 2019

February 06, 2019

04.004 University Ombuds
The University Ombuds is no longer necessary with the adoption of the Alternative Dispute Resolution program for all faculty and staff at the University of North Texas.
06.034 Awarding Posthumous Degrees
Revised to remove previous time restriction.
06.039 Student Attendance and Authorized Absences
Revised to remove the grade of WF which is no longer used.

January 03, 2019

16.006 Information and Procedural Guidelines for Pursuing and Resolving a Complaint of Discrimination, Including Sexual Harassment


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