Policy updates

September 07, 2016

16.6.2 Drug Free Workplace Certification and Agreement
This document is a form and not a policy. Effective 09/07/2016.

August 25, 2016

8.4.1 University of North Texas Takings Impact Assessment
This policy was duplicative of and superseded by the Regent Rules 11.300 and 11.500. Effective 08/25/2016.

August 15, 2016

05.002 CARE Team
New Policy
New UNT Policy 05.002 "CARE Team" has been created in order to provide a systemic response to individuals who may be in crisis or whose mental, emotional, or psychological health condition may directly threaten the safety of the University environment. Effective 08/15/2016.
18.1.13 Disruptive Activities State Law
Persons engaged in certain disruptive activities on the university campus shall be subject to prosecution and/or other penalties provided in section 37.123 Texas Education Code; UNT Policy 07.012, Code of Student Conduct; and applicable federal, state, and local laws. This policy is therefore redundant and unnecessary. Effective 08/15/2016.
05.071 Nursing Mothers
New Policy
Policy issued in order to comply with the TX HB No 786. Effective 08/15/2016.
05.017 Training and Development - Educational Scholarships
Revised to eliminate two obsolete sections, reformatted to meet the current policy template standards, and to add student accounting as a resource for auditing. Effective 08/15/2016.

July 19, 2016

15.003 Programs for Minors
New Policy
This policy is created in order to provide guidance for university units who are planning and operating programs that involve minors. Effective 07/19/2016.
15.008 Operation of University Vehicles
New Policy
Created in order to establish minimum driver criteria for individuals operating vehicles on behalf of the University. Effective 07/19/2016.

June 17, 2016

15.1.7 Appointment of Named Professorships or Chairs
This policy is duplicative of UNT policy 19.6 “Naming Policy”, which outlines, in more detail, the procedures for the award concerning selection, review and requirements for holding distinctions. Effective 06/17/2016. Guidelines for Calculating Sick Leave Used by Faculty
This document is procedural and should not be a stand-alone policy. Additionally, content of this document is duplicative of UNT policy 05.050, Sick Leave. Effective 06/17/2016.


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