Policy Updates

October 25, 2023

06.026 Graduate Faculty Membership
Non-substantive edit. Changed "Non-tenure-system faculty" to "professional faculty."

October 04, 2023

05.010 Employment of Non-Citizens
Policy was revised to update work hours permitted during semester breaks and periods of non-enrollment for F-1 students. This update allows the policy to be in alignment with provisions of the CFR and Immigration and Naturalization Act, as amended. The title of the individual authorized to approve employment sponsorships was also updated.

September 13, 2023

15.005 Workers’ Compensation Program
Reviewed as part of the 6-year review cycle. Updated reference to a retired policy and added new language to help clarify party responsibilities during the claims process. Definitions for "communicable disease" and "occupational disease" were also added to align with system policy.
10.048 Asset Management
Reviewed as part of the 6-year review cycle. Updated to improve overall readability of the policy. Various clarifying edits and revised references were also made.

September 08, 2023

06.004 Faculty Reappointment, Tenure, Promotion, and Reduced Appointments
Policy was revised to clarify UNT obligations related to identities of external reviewers. Additionally, language related to dossier review responsibilities was updated for consistency and clarity. The consent agenda for Board of Regents was also updated to align with legal requirements.

September 01, 2023

05.033 Staff Employee Discipline and Discharge
Policy revised to align with system model policy and to update to accessible format.
15.006 Campus Closures
This policy was reviewed as part of the standard 6-year review cycle. Editorial and formatting changes were made. References to URCM were changed to UBSC.

August 29, 2023

13.005 Conflict of Interest for Sponsored Projects
This policy was revised during its 6-year review. Policy was updated to align with various federal regulations governing research disclosures, compliance, and promoting objectivity in research. Several editorial changes and minor revisions were also made.

August 18, 2023

15.009 Biosafety
Policy contact changed from Risk Management Services to Research Integrity & Compliance. Policy updated to reflect biosafety responsibility ownership change from RMS to RIC. Editorial changes to improve general readability, accuracy of legal references, and consistency between other policies were also made.

August 17, 2023

13.006 Research Misconduct
Policy was reviewed as part of the 6-year review cycle. Changes included clarification of responsibilities for University Integrity and Compliance as well as reformatting to an accessible document. Legal references were updated to the most recent iteration available.


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