Policy Updates

April 17, 2023

04.016 Use of Alcoholic Beverages
Revised to change the permitted alcohol sales and consumption time from 5:00PM to 4:00PM.
04.002 Request for Information Made Under the Texas Public Information Act
Revised in accordance with various administrative updates from the State of Texas. Additional changes were made for clarity and formatting.

April 10, 2023

12.002 Disposal of Abandoned Property
This policy has been significantly revised to conform to the real-world practices of the UPD and for clarity and succinctness. Further changes were made to accommodate the Student Union's management of abandoned property.
06.001 Evaluating, Awarding, and Accepting Credit
This policy has been revised to reflect the change regarding who the approver is for face-to-face courses that contain fewer contact hours or are delivered in shortened time periods. The approver shifted from the responsibility of the dean to the responsibility of an academic administrator with responsibility for the program in which the course is delivered. Clarification was provided to specify which institutions UNT accepts transfer credit from and the application of those courses towards baccalaureate degrees. Vocational/technical transfer credits may be applied to academic baccalaureate degrees upon evaluation by qualified faculty and confirmed through the curriculum approval process. A requirement was added to specify that prior learning experiences must be comparable in rigor, substance, and proficiency as a UNT course and include an assessment of student attainment of learning to be considered for UNT credit. 

March 30, 2023

11.009 Construction Projects
This policy has been updated to improve the clarity of language, reflect the changes in project/operations funding, and update the names of multiple units cited throughout document.

February 27, 2023

05.026 Employment of Veterans
Revised to be in alignment with the System model policy. Revisions include addition of: Space Force, full-time duty commissioned officers of NOAA, definitions for "employment preference" and "veteran," priority order for veterans preference, hiring goals, and interview requirements for state agencies.

February 21, 2023

15.011 Food Service and Safety
This policy has been updated to comply with Texas Education Code § 51.945 - "Student Participation in Selection of Food Service Contracts". Students must have a reasonable opportunity to appear before any committee or other entity that is determining whether a food service provider should be selected or retained by UNT.

February 17, 2023

06.042 Continuous Enrollment
Revised to reflect the longstanding tradition of the Toulouse Graduate School to support students through various life circumstances. A one-time exception to the continuous enrollment requirement for graduate students enrolled in programs with a thesis or dissertation requirement. Students who successfully defend and submit their final thesis/dissertation after the current semester deadline promulgated by the Toulouse Graduate School, but before the last day of the term (per the Academic Calendar), are eligible to graduate the following semester without enrolling in thesis/dissertation hours. Flexibility has been provided for consequences associated with failure to adhere to the continuous enrollment policy by shifting language associated with consequences from will to may.

December 02, 2022

07.010 Protected Health Information Privacy
This policy has been updated to clarify guidance regarding transmission of protected health information between the provider and patient. The information must be transmitted only via approved medical communication systems and must maintain encryption. Updates appear on pages 48 and 49.


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