Free Speech and Public Assembly on Campus Grounds

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The University of North Texas (UNT) recognizes that freedom of expression and public assembly are fundamental rights of all persons and are essential components of the education process.  These activities promote debate and the sharing of ideas, which are the foundation of educational institutions.

The responsibility of the University to operate and maintain an effective and efficient institution of higher education requires regulation of the time, place and manner of assembly, speech, and other expressive activities on the grounds of the University. In keeping with this responsibility, students, faculty, staff and visitors are free to exercise the rights to assemble and engage in expressive activity in a constitutionally protected manner subject only to the content-neutral regulations necessary to fulfill the mission and obligations of the University, preserve the rights of others, coordinate multiple uses of limited space, assure preservation of the campus facilities and grounds, and assure financial accountability for any damage caused by these activities.

Policy owner: VP for Student Affairs
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Maureen McGuinness
Dean of Students / AVP for Student Affairs
Division of Student Affairs
Applies to: 
Faculty, Staff, Students, All University
Date Issued: 
Tuesday, November 3, 2009

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The policy was revised to incorporate Texas SB 18 requirements related to the free speech rights of campus visitors and protection of the campus community.