Policy Updates

June 09, 2020

06.051 University Faculty Grievance
The policy was revised to clarify language concerning the presence of an advocate or attorney in the grievance process.

June 03, 2020

13.002 Award Management and Financial Administration for Sponsored Projects
The policy was revised to update terms and administrative unit names.
13.018 Cost Sharing For Sponsored Projects
New Policy
It is critical for the University to have policies that address regulatory requirements related to sponsored projects. This policy provides guidance for the administration of cost sharing of sponsored project awards.
06.004 Faculty Reappointment, Tenure, Promotion, and Reduced Appointment
Policy revision moved midterm review from the third to the fourth year of the probationary period. Additional definitions were added to assist with policy clarity.

May 27, 2020

07.006 Free Speech and Public Assembly on Campus Grounds
The policy was revised to incorporate additional Texas SB 18 requirements.

May 14, 2020

16.005 Prohibition Against Sexual Misconduct and Retaliation
The policy was revised to incorporate the significant changes required by SB212 related to reporting, victim interaction, investigating, disciplining, training,and contracting.

May 07, 2020

10.028 Tuition and Fee Billing
The policy was revised to update cites, links, and language.

May 06, 2020

05.023 Employee Information and Personal Data
The policy revision defined the policy application, and added clarity to what is considered protected information and the actions that an employee must take to protect information.

May 05, 2020

07.013 Hazing
The policy was revised to expand the definition of university student group,add Immunity from Criminal and Civil Liability section for those who report incidents of hazing, and add specifics to the notification language.

April 06, 2020

04.008 Records Management and Retention
The policy was revised to bring the content up-to-date and in compliance with state regulations.


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