Cost Transfers for Sponsored Projects

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The University of North Texas strives to ensure that those involved in sponsored project activities appropriately charge costs associated with a sponsored project to the correct account from the outset. However, UNT recognizes that cost transfers are sometimes necessary to correct keypunch or clerical errors, allocate costs of closely related work that may support more than one project or to clear a cost overrun or disallowed cost. It may also be necessary to reimburse costs paid from departmental or discretionary resources prior to receipt of a fully executed award if those costs were incurred within the period of performance set in the award.

Policy owner: VP for Research and Innovation
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Charles Tarantino
Assistant VP, Office of Grants and Contracts
Research and Innovation
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Faculty, Staff
Date Issued: 
Thursday, June 18, 2020

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New Policy
It is necessary for the University to have policies that address cost transfers related to sponsored project regulatory requirements.