Sub-Awards and Sub-Award Monitoring

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In accepting a sponsored project award, the University of North Texas (UNT) has legally committed itself to fulfill the purposes and requirements of the sponsored project through use of university personnel, resources, and facilities. When UNT makes a sub-award to assign responsibility for conducting a portion of the work required to a sub-recipient, UNT remains responsible to the sponsor for management of the funding and meeting performance requirements. This policy establishes guidelines for: (i) stewardship of funds used to pay sub- recipients; (ii) confirming that UNT and its sponsors receive value for funds expended; and (iii) promoting appropriate responsibility and accountability in university/sub-recipient relationships. Additionally, this policy promotes compliance with federal and state legal requirements related to sub-recipient monitoring.

Policy owner: VP for Research and Innovation
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Charles Tarantino
Assistant VP, Office of Grants and Contracts
Research and Innovation
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Faculty, Staff
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Thursday, July 9, 2020

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New Policy
The area of research administration is a complex and evolving area. This policy was established to address Federal, State and other Sponsor rules and regulations and address scientific, regulatory and administrative needs and requirements.