Sponsored Projects

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UNT encourages faculty and staff members to seek external support for sponsored projects related to teaching, research and public service. UNT recognizes the principle that such activities increase the excellence of instruction and are vital to the university’s academic mission. Teaching, research and public service activities are an essential part of the academic responsibilities of faculty members. Sponsored project funding is a valuable resource that can make these activities possible, and should be actively pursued and fully utilized. Faculty members are encouraged to engage in teaching, research, and public service activities that lend themselves to the involvement of students and to integrate these activities with traditional instruction when possible.

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Policy owner: VP for Research and Innovation
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Charles Tarantino
Assistant VP, Office of Grants and Contracts
Research and Innovation
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Faculty, Staff
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Friday, November 19, 2010

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New Policy
This sets forth procedures and responsibilities for faculty and staff members engaged in sponsored project activities. The policy is effective as of 11/19/2010.