Faculty Misconduct and Discipline

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The University of North Texas (UNT) expects faculty to abide by the tenets of the UNT Policy 06.035 Academic Freedom and Academic Responsibility. Failure to follow faculty responsibilities as outlined in the Academic Freedom and Academic Responsibility Policy diminishes a faculty member’s capacity to effectively perform his or her teaching, research and creative activity, and service. Such failure ultimately impacts the ability of the university to carry out its mission. When a faculty member engages in inappropriate behavior or misconduct, the university may impose corrective actions.

Policy owner: VP for Academic Affairs
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Angie Cartwright
Asst. Vice Provost, Faculty Success
Faculty Success
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Monday, October 1, 2001

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Policy revised to provide a sequence of events at each level of review, starting with departmental review. The new version acknowledges that some misconduct allegations, such as those related to research misconduct, sexual harassment, and discrimination, are adjudicated under the auspices of a different policy and/or process. That was always the case, but the Policy Oversight Committee wanted to provide more transparency. As unit administrators, deans, and the provost review misconduct allegations/findings, they may receive additional information from the faculty member, unit administrator, and other knowledgeable parties. The new version notes that new information must be shared with the faculty member and other decision-makers. Also, the deadline for faculty members to respond to allegations/findings of misconduct has increased from 10 to 30 days.
Revised to comply with SACS and UNT policy review schedul. Revisions include: reorganization of content, elimination of outdated references, inclusion of protection for faculty, and streamlining of procedures. Effective 7/23/2015.