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This policy addresses the use of distributed learning at the University of North Texas. Distributed learning is a pedagogy whereby students are instructed via electronic transmissions, often utilizing electronically published course materials. Electronically published course materials are materials utilizing electronic transmissions to teach students at sites distant from the faculty member. The purpose of this document is to protect the rights of both the faculty member and the University and to encourage the offering of quality distributed learning programs. It should be noted at the outset that in all cases except work made for hire, the faculty member retains the ownership and copyright of the work as well as the ability to market the work commercially. Licensure, which is the right to market the electronically developed course materials, is addressed under the ownership and compensation heading in each of the five categories specified in Section IV. Electronically published course materials have been a part of the curriculum at the University, but for a variety of reasons, there are still many questions about the rights and responsibilities of University and its faculty members with respect to these methods of instruction. Since the demand for distributed learning appears to be increasing and the continuing development of electronically published course materials in various media seems likely, it is important to address the issues raised by the creation, use and distribution of various forms of electronically published course materials and clarify the rights and responsibilities of each of the parties involved. This policy is a supplement to the UNT Policy 08.001 Copyright Compliance and only addresses distributed learning. To the extent this policy conflicts with the Copyright Compliance policy on issues involving distributed learning, this policy prevails.

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Terri Day
Vice Provost for Academic Administration
Division of Academic Affairs
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Faculty, Staff, Students, All University
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Friday, February 11, 2000

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