Criminal History Background Checks for Student Employment Applicants

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The University of North Texas is committed to protecting the welfare and providing for the security of its students, employees, institutional resources, and the public.  One way to achieve this objective is to conduct criminal history background checks on all applicants for general student employment in positions defined as security sensitive by the hiring department.

Policy owner: VP for Student Affairs
Policy contact: 
Dan Naegeli
Executive Director, Career and Leadership Services
Division of Student Affairs
Applies to: 
Staff, Students
Date Issued: 
Friday, July 11, 2014

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New Policy
Created to clear up confusion between Human Resource's FTE staff Criminal History Check policy and procedures and Student Employment's student employee Criminal History Check policy and procedures. It also informs students that have an adverse criminal history report to know what their steps are to remedy the situation. Effective 7/11/2014.