Reporting Suspected Wrongdoing

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The University of North Texas (UNT) supports and promotes a culture of compliance and accountability that encourages all members of the UNT community to conduct themselves lawfully, honestly and with integrity. Everyone within the UNT is expected to operate in an ethical, honest and lawful manner. Preventing and detecting criminal conduct is critical to achieving these goals. The UNT expects and encourages all members of its community, including faculty, students, staff and individuals authorized to act on behalf of the UNT to make good faith reports of suspected wrongdoing. Retaliation against those making good faith reports of misconduct is prohibited.

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Policy owner: VP for Finance and Administration
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Steven Hill
Director, Institutional Compliance
Division of Finance and Administration
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Faculty, Staff, Students, All University
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Friday, August 8, 2014

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New Policy
UNT Policy "Reporting Suspected Wrongdoing" was created to align with UNT Regents Rule 04.1100, Reporting Suspected Wrongdoing. Effective 8/8/2014.